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The tragic story behind cartoon character Masha and the Bear.

   The main cast is Masha has died and what we see on the television show is a figure to commemorate Masha. In the real world, Masha is an ordinary girl. Until one day a circus traveling around the area. Masha is very excited and asks her parents to go to the circus. In the circus they see many performances, but somehow Masha escape from the supervision of his parents.

Then Masha creeps into a place, the problem is that the cage is a bear. In short Masha was eaten by a bear, and their parents were deeply depressed.

    In the animation, Masha's parents were never seen in the show. The reason, they suffered severe depression and eventually committed suicide. In the real world Masha dies from being eaten by a bear, but in honor of Masha's parents and because Masha likes bears, the animator makes the bear in his story. Apparently, in the real world Masha has a distant cousin from China, they always quarrel. Panda who first came is a figure to describe his cousin.In the real world the rabbit is a depiction of his friend Masha who is a pretty naughty child. Finally there is the penguin who became the figure of the brother though rarely appear in the story. That's because in the real world Masha's brother is still alive. It was he who made the story of Masha and the bear.

    There is also another story about Masha which is a fairy tale. According to the story, when Masha went to the forest, she got lost and took refuge in the bear's hut. When the bear came home, Masha was made a bear by the bear. One day, Masha makes a trap so he can escape from the bear hut. Masha asks permission for the bear in order to go to give a big basket containing pies to her grandparents. Bears do not allow for fear Masha will get lost. Then the bear offered to deliver the big basket to Masha's grandparents.

    Masha also agrees and tells the bear that the bear does not open the basket or eat the pie in it, and Masha will watch the bear from the tall tree. When the bear was off guard and did not see, Masha crawled into the big basket. The unconscious bear finally left for Masha's grandparents' house. On the way, the bear feels very hungry and tempted to eat pie in a basket. From the basket, Masha whispered, "I see you, I see you, do not sit on that stump, and do not eat my pie, take my pie to my grandparents." Because the bear was amazed by Masha's ability to see from afar, the bears grew more obedient and continued the journey to Masha's grandparents' house. Arriving in the village, the bears were chased by guard dogs and left the basket just like that. Grandpa and grandmother found Masha sitting in the basket.

    Cartoon that hits like that turned out to have a story that we do not imagine, yes, sob. Although there are different versions of the origin of Masha's story, it makes us think that even tragic or fairy tale can be an inspiration to create a figure and a story that many people love. But, still kudu supervised yes, sob, when our child or small brother watch this cartoon and kept so much in love it.

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