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Synopsis Annabbele

    The mystery story of Annabelle's Dolls caught the attention of so many people flocking to Annabelle's movie. Annabelle's doll is a real doll in the world, it's just that the actual shape and appearance is relatively less spooky than Annabelle's Annabelle doll. For my friend The Story of Mystery World curious to know horror story Annabelle can read this article writing.

    Annabelle is Donna's doll. Donna got Annabelle when her mother bought the doll in a toy store in 1970. Donna was a female student who lived in an apartment with her friend, Angie. Since Donna liked Annabelle's doll, she took the doll to her apartment.

    At first the dolls in the apartment did not find the weirdness, but over time,Donna and Angie know it turns out Annabelle dolls can move position and move. Once upon a time Donna and Angie put Anabelle on the mattress, but when they got home, they found Anabelle's doll sitting on the couch.

    Lou, Donna's friend, does not like Annabelle's dolls because of the strangeness of the doll. Lou told Donna to throw out Annabelle's doll. But Donna ignored Lou's advice, because there was no definite proof that Annabelle's dolls had been unlawful. But not long afterwards, Donna and Angie with their own eyes see Annabelle's dolls acting strangely, where they find a piece of paper saying "Help Us" and even more creepy, one day they found the doll on a mattress in bloody condition.

    Finally Donna and Angie realize there is something less good to happen to the doll. They soon find paranormal to know the mystery of Annabelle dolls. According to the paranormal, the doll has been possessed by the spirit of a child named Annabelle Higgins who died in the apartment complex that is now occupied by Donna.

    According to the paranormal, the doll feels comfortable living with Donna, so Donna who knows the story of Annabelle doll finally brought back Annabelle to live with them. However, Annabelle's dolls again acted, when Angie and Lou were planning to go for a walk, they heard a strange voice in Donna's room.

    Lou went into Donna's room where there was no one, except for the Annabelle doll in the corner. Lou came to the doll to pick it up, but he felt pain burning in his back of his neck and then pain in his chest. When Lou saw he was choked up like a scratch and Lou believed it was an act of an Annabelle doll that had magical powers.

    Lou's wound was very strange because a lapse of two days later suddenly his wound disappeared. Finally they decided to go to two famous psychics, Ed and Lorraine Warren. According to Ed and Lorraine Warren, inside the Annabele doll is not the spirit of a child, but there is a devil targeting the spirit of Donna. Ed and Lorraine Warren ask that the doll be kept by them, and Donna agrees. In the home of Ed and Warren, the dolls re-acting with floating or even moving places.

    Finally, Annabelle's dolls are kept in locked closets, along with other Ed and Warren collections at the Warren Occult Museum in Moodus, Connecticut. For visitors to the museum is forbidden to mock the doll because supposedly believed to bring disaster to him.

    The story of the mystery of Annabelle dolls has finally become an inspiration for American filmmakers through Annabelle Film of 2014. Annabelle's film is produced at a cost of USD 6.5 million and generates more than $ 200 million in gross income. Thus the article The World Mystery Story from Unique Daily see you in our next article.

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