Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

this is life

   A brother and little brother were starving In an uninhabitable building, there are two people who inhabit it where he is a brother and little brother who live without both parents, they live with the help of neighbors.The food they can always get from their neighbors or find the leftovers.
Day ahead of the afternoon brothers and
little brother are playing in the field, unintentionally the little brother saw the family who were gathered and saw a family who was eating bread that makes the younger brother wanted, the sister also show bread to brother, brother stroked his brother's head and took the little brother away From that place.

    The next day
, Brother leave without saying goodbye to little brother . Big brother ran to the market, brother saw a bakery that little brother want. Brother went to the bakery, then brother asked to ask the owner of the bread but the results did not he can, he was even unlucky he was pushed and driven by the shop owner.

    The brother was still trying to wait and ask in front of the bakery, at that time there is a family entourage who bought the bread, the child of the family was wanting to eat the bread while walking without inadvertently the bread fell from his hand and his mother also forbid the child Take back the fallen bread. Brother quickly swiftly picked up the bread for the sister, the sister took the old newspaper and wrapped the warm bread as if it were just bought.

    Brother got home and called the younger brother to give the bread to the younger brother, sister was smiling happy and brother also gave a happy smile.

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