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How to cope with hp bloat

What causes Beterai HP Bloat?

There are several reasons why your Hp batteries bulging, including:

Use of Hp is beyond reasonable limits, suppose Hp is used to call all day non stop
Carging Hp process is too long, although the battery indicator is full
When carging does not off Hp first, more hp used while carging for example receiving incoming calls, sms, video calls, and so forth.

Simple tips that you can use to avoid hp bloated stones is to avoid the use of hp beyond the limit of the ability of hp, and make sure when doing Hp charge, your phone is in dead condition. Long duty to charge Hp should not more than 8-12 hours. Hopefully this article useful, and you can use as a guide to fix a bloated mobile phone batteries. Good luck!

How to cope with hair loss

Here are some ways to deal with hair loss naturally that you can try. 1. Aloe vera - aloe vera Aloe vera or aloe vera, has been known since antiquity as a nutritious herb to treat the hair. Some experts argue, the complete vitamin and mineral content in this plant will stimulate the growth of new hair from the roots, repair damaged hair / tissue, and can blacken the hair naturally. How to cope with hair loss with aloe vera:Provide aloe vera as needed, looking fresh.Split it into two parts, then grab the gel in it.Apply aloe vera to the entire scalp after shampooing.Let stand for approximately 30 minutes, or until dry.Rinse with cold water until perfectly clean.Note: do at least 1x a day after bathing for maximum results. 2. Green tea and celery leaves Green tea contains high antioxidant compounds that can help smooth blood circulation in the head. While celery leaves, it has the content of vitamin A, vitamin B, and iron that is proven to strengthen the hair from the roots. In addition, with regular use of a mixture of green tea and celery leaves is also effective for blinding hair. How to cope with hair loss with celery leaves and green tea: Prepare towels that have been soaked in warm lemon water.Use a warm towel to cover the head for 10 minutes.After that, hair drops by using the steeping of celery leaves and green tea.Do not forget the gentle massages to absorb perfectly.After approximately half an hour, rinse with cold water. 3. Candlenut How to deal with hair loss naturally Leaves include one of the most widely used kitchen spices while cooking. Nearly 66% more pecan consists of oils that contain complete natural minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, and so on. This oil is often used by ancient people to accelerate the growth of beard and mustache. But besides that, you can use the candlenut oil to cope with hair loss naturally. How to cope with hair loss with pecan:There are two ways you can try. First by buying hazelnut oil at a nearby store then use it.The two make the hazelnut oil itself. The way enough sangrai pecan enough, then puree until the oil out.Drop the hazelnut oil evenly throughout the hair that has been clean.Let stand 1-2 hours until pervasive perfect, then rinse cold water. 4. Use essential oils There are now many outstanding essential oil products in the community. Well you can buy the essential oil to treat hair loss.Essential oils enriched with nutritional content such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and others that proved to strengthen the hair to the roots.

Types of Insomnia Disorders

How to overcome insomnia
Types of Insomnia Disorders Broadly speaking insomnia is classified into three different types, according to the medical or psychological symptoms of the patient. The three types are:
  • Acute insomnia: the symptoms last approximately 1 month. Patients will be very difficult to start sleeping or maintain sleep even though conditions are actually possible.
  • Temporary insomnia: the symptoms last quite short, less than a week. Usually insomnia is caused due to stress factor.
  • Chronic insomia: symptoms of insomnia lasting more than 1 month. Because it rarely sleeps, patients will usually experience hallucinations and see strange things.
How To Eliminate Insomnia To Sleep Better Without Drugs 1. Do not drink alcohol a few hours before bedtime Many consider alcohol to make a person's sleep sound. It's true alcohol can make you feel sleepy, but not to sleep soundly overnight. Even the condition of your insomnia will be worsened again with the emergence of hallucinations is not clear due to alcohol. Therefore, try not to drink wine or cocktails a few hours before bed. Remember, alcohol is not the best way to deal with insomnia. Precisely alcohol that can worsen your sleepless condition! 2. Stay away from caffeine after 2 pm I'm sure you already know the effects of caffeine consumption. Yup, caffeinated beverages can cause a person to become insomnia, especially if the caffeine he consumed in high levels as in black coffee. Drink caffeine is not just coffee alone, but other types of drinks such as soda, energy drinks, and even tea also contains caffeine. It takes several hours for the caffeine to disappear, thus avoiding caffeine after entering at 2:00 pm. 3. Avoid stressful situations at night For most people, this is much easier said than done. From now on take your time to reduce stress after a full day of activity, especially when entering bedtime. One of the best ways to treat insomnia is to go to bed with a calm and clear mind without stress (stress). If I (personally), prefer to listen to music slow genre (eg reggae) 2 hours before bedtime, this makes I became more calm.

How to Care Softlens

In the present day softlens become tran in society. Basically Softlens is only used as a tool to help one's eyesight but also acts as an accessory to enhance one's beauty and lifestyle.

Softlens are the best alternative choice to use. In addition to practical and comfortable, Softlens can also make the eyes look more beautiful, elegant and charming.

Softlens always come into contact with one of the five most sensitive senses in our body, the Eyes. For that, Softlens really need a good and proper care, so as not to be damaged quickly and remain comfortable to use in our eyes.

Washing / Sterilizing Hands First
Before touching and cleaning the Softlens, wash your hands with soap. So that dirt and germs do not stick in Softlens. Then dry your hands with a towel that is not fibrous.
Avoid moisture-containing soaps, as they are anti to contact lenses.

Pouring Solution Liquid

Place the Softlens in the palm of the hand.
Then pour the solution 2 or 3 drops on it.
Clean the lens one by one with the recommended solution solution.
Rub the Softlens
Rub the lens with your fingertips gently and carefully, do for about 10 s / d seconds, then rinse with solution solution and scrub back with fingertips as necessary.
Put the Softlens into place, then pour the solution liquid into it until it is completely submerged.

The minimum soaking time of Softlens is 4 hours, and maximum 24 hours.

How To Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

How To Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

How To Eliminate Body Odor Naturally
The following exposure will explain how you cope with body odor using natural ingredients. This exposure also explains the content, efficacy, and stages of how to do to expel body odor with herbal ingredients.
Well, for more details, here's how to get rid of body odor quickly and permanently:

1. Get used to take a bath 2-3 times a day
Bathing is an activity done to clean the body. By applying it, the bacteria and germs that stick to your body will be cleared away.
But keep in mind! In order for the results are effective, how to eliminate body odor is not good is done using soap.
Soap itself is a chemical product that is functioned to cleanse the body of dirt, germs, and bacteria. Although bathing with no soap is allowed, it is not effective, especially to clean bacteria and germs.

2. Reduce the food and ingredients that may bring out body odor

Keep in mind, there are many foods in Indonesia that cause unpleasant body odor, for example:
• Red meat
Red meat is a food that is difficult to digest by the body. It takes a long time for the gut to digest this one food. As a result, the remains of undigested substances will turn into toxins and create sweat with unpleasant odors.
Herbs and spices
One of the best ways to get rid of body odor is to avoid sharp-smelling spices, such as onion, garlic, curry spice, and shrimp paste.
The above herbs generally contain special substances. These special substances usually make our sweat smells unpleasant.
To avoid this, we are encouraged to consume the above spices with a sufficient portion.
Alcohol and caffeine
As we know it; Alcohol and caffeine are ingredients that have a bad effect if consumed. Besides not good for health, both also become the cause of body odor.
Therefore, we are encouraged to avoid both as an application of how to remove body odor.
Fast food
Fast food is commonly made from honeycomb compounds. Such compounds are generally undetectable and decay in the digestive organs. From it, we will find foul-smelling sweat due to the impact of the unprocessed compound.
Increase Fruit Consumption

3.Consumption of Fruits Routinely
How to eliminate body odor in this way is not too hits. In addition to minimal notice, this way is also not so popular because of its slow properties. But apart from that, eliminating body odor by consuming fruit is one of the best ways to apply.
The fruit itself has a variety of types. Of the types that exist, we can get the various nutrients the body needs.
Not just that. In addition to both to eliminate body odor, eating fruit is also very good for maintaining skin health and beauty. Vitamin C, E, and B are abundant from very good fruits to nourish and brighten the body as well as the skin.
How to eliminate natural body odor is applicable to all circles. Be it children, adolescents, adults, to seniors can apply this way to repel the smell arising from accumulation of sweat and bacteria in the armpits.

4. Using betel leaves as a natural treatment
Betel leaf itself contains antibacterial and antiseptic good to repel the bacteria that cause odor. Although commonly used as a cleaning area of ​​femininity, originally processed in good ways, the leaves are commonly grown in this plantation area can be used to expel body odor.

As an explanation, here we describe the steps how to remove body odor with betel leaf:
• First, pick a fresh betel leaf of 5-10 pieces;
• After that until smooth;
• Apply the juice to the armpit area evenly. Make sure your two armpits are smeared with the same amount of betel leaves;
• If already, armpit massage for 5 minutes. Make sure your massage is a gentle, non-irritating massage;
• After 5 minutes, keep your armpits dry;
• Then rinse with warm water;

5. Lime and Lemon
Lime and lemon are fruits with high antibacterial content. Therefore, in addition to betel leaves, lemon and lemon are also classified into good natural ingredients to expel body odor.
How to eliminate body odor with lime itself is quite easy. To do so, we are only required to apply the following ways:
• First, squeeze two limes into the container;
• Mix the juice with whiting, then stir to form a cream;
• Apply the cream in the armpit area. Do it after bathing;
• After application, wait for an hour, then wipe your armpits with warm water;

6. Cloves
In addition to lime and betel leaves, we can also use cloves as an ingredient of odor. With antibakterialnya content, cloves are able to overcome the body odor arising from bacteria.
In addition, if applied, how to eliminate body odor with cloves is also able to minimize the inflammation that arises in the armpit area.

Well, for you who are curious in this way, here we describe the ways that should be applied:
• First, prepare some cloves that have been dried.
• Afterwards soak with warm water.
• Drink the soaking water as much as 3x a week.
• To get maximum results, you can also use the water immersion to include your armpits and your body regularly.

7. Replace Apparel Routinely
How to get rid of body odor quickly is to change clothes on a regular basis. Germs and bacteria that cause body odor generally grow and develop in clothing that is contaminated with sweat. Therefore, if you want to be free of body odor, change your clothes 2 times a day.
In the way of number 6 and above, this method is considered easier and effective so that suitable applied by all circles, including you.

The eardrum is damaged

The eardrum is damaged

d Eardrum

The eardrum is ruptured, meaning that the tear in the eardrum becomes hollow. The tympanic membrane is the scientific name of the eardrum which is a thin tissue as a barrier between the middle ear and the outer ear canal. So further, a ruptured eardrum is called a "tympanic membrane perforation".

Ear infections are the main cause of the occurrence of eardrums ruptured, especially in children. If you have a middle ear infection (acute otitis media), fluid will accumulate behind the eardrum. The pressure caused by fluid accumulation can cause the tympanic membrane to tighten and eventually rupture.

Pressure changes
Other activities that cause changes in pressure in the ear can also cause perforated eardrums. This condition can be caused by: diving with scuba flying in a plane driving in the highlands.

Injury or Trauma
Injuries can also cause bursting of the tympanic membrane. Any type of trauma to the ear or head injury can cause fractions or rips. Even cleaning the ears with cotton buds cotton can potentially damage the eardrum if done with care. Acoustic trauma due to loud noise can also cause similar problems. However, this case does not happen often.

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This game basically connects 2 tokens pokemon with maximal 3 lines within the specified time
Simple consists of several levels with some movement configuration of this pokemon token.
Actually I just started playing this game just in early 2013,
Even until I'm hooked ..
Do not know what to do .. onet in action
When it is empty mind, imagine onet ..
Even appearing in a dream ..

Really dangerous ....
And it turns out that this luminosity also infects my class
But one thing that motivates me to document this game in writing,
That I found a typical similarity between this game with the gambling of decision making in real life
So, if you can see it in the screencapt of the game above - not the pusheen - we can see the tokens of pokemon positioned in such a way,
 So to give the rope between 2 pokemon we must be jelly ..

At the beginning I played this game,
Obviously my cloak is not playing ...
Level 1 aja ga pass
Because I do not want to lose this game, I mati2an maine ampe accustomed to lose
But for a long time my eyes became more and more observant, and now I have passed thousands of times-proud.
Okay, so what's the same relationship of decision making in life?

So because the positions of the token overlap in such a way and the higher the level, the more complex the token movement then the selection of which token pair is selected will determine the efficiency of the game.

No perfect game is not it?
The combination of this token sequence can not be solved immediately without any alternative alias hand game path from the program ..
Each no longer has a path that can connect the remaining pokemon tokens, the rest of this token string will be rotated so that there is another path selected.
Well here I think is very similar to the miniature of life ..