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How To Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

How To Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

How To Eliminate Body Odor Naturally
The following exposure will explain how you cope with body odor using natural ingredients. This exposure also explains the content, efficacy, and stages of how to do to expel body odor with herbal ingredients.
Well, for more details, here's how to get rid of body odor quickly and permanently:

1. Get used to take a bath 2-3 times a day
Bathing is an activity done to clean the body. By applying it, the bacteria and germs that stick to your body will be cleared away.
But keep in mind! In order for the results are effective, how to eliminate body odor is not good is done using soap.
Soap itself is a chemical product that is functioned to cleanse the body of dirt, germs, and bacteria. Although bathing with no soap is allowed, it is not effective, especially to clean bacteria and germs.

2. Reduce the food and ingredients that may bring out body odor

Keep in mind, there are many foods in Indonesia that cause unpleasant body odor, for example:
• Red meat
Red meat is a food that is difficult to digest by the body. It takes a long time for the gut to digest this one food. As a result, the remains of undigested substances will turn into toxins and create sweat with unpleasant odors.
Herbs and spices
One of the best ways to get rid of body odor is to avoid sharp-smelling spices, such as onion, garlic, curry spice, and shrimp paste.
The above herbs generally contain special substances. These special substances usually make our sweat smells unpleasant.
To avoid this, we are encouraged to consume the above spices with a sufficient portion.
Alcohol and caffeine
As we know it; Alcohol and caffeine are ingredients that have a bad effect if consumed. Besides not good for health, both also become the cause of body odor.
Therefore, we are encouraged to avoid both as an application of how to remove body odor.
Fast food
Fast food is commonly made from honeycomb compounds. Such compounds are generally undetectable and decay in the digestive organs. From it, we will find foul-smelling sweat due to the impact of the unprocessed compound.
Increase Fruit Consumption

3.Consumption of Fruits Routinely
How to eliminate body odor in this way is not too hits. In addition to minimal notice, this way is also not so popular because of its slow properties. But apart from that, eliminating body odor by consuming fruit is one of the best ways to apply.
The fruit itself has a variety of types. Of the types that exist, we can get the various nutrients the body needs.
Not just that. In addition to both to eliminate body odor, eating fruit is also very good for maintaining skin health and beauty. Vitamin C, E, and B are abundant from very good fruits to nourish and brighten the body as well as the skin.
How to eliminate natural body odor is applicable to all circles. Be it children, adolescents, adults, to seniors can apply this way to repel the smell arising from accumulation of sweat and bacteria in the armpits.

4. Using betel leaves as a natural treatment
Betel leaf itself contains antibacterial and antiseptic good to repel the bacteria that cause odor. Although commonly used as a cleaning area of ​​femininity, originally processed in good ways, the leaves are commonly grown in this plantation area can be used to expel body odor.

As an explanation, here we describe the steps how to remove body odor with betel leaf:
• First, pick a fresh betel leaf of 5-10 pieces;
• After that until smooth;
• Apply the juice to the armpit area evenly. Make sure your two armpits are smeared with the same amount of betel leaves;
• If already, armpit massage for 5 minutes. Make sure your massage is a gentle, non-irritating massage;
• After 5 minutes, keep your armpits dry;
• Then rinse with warm water;

5. Lime and Lemon
Lime and lemon are fruits with high antibacterial content. Therefore, in addition to betel leaves, lemon and lemon are also classified into good natural ingredients to expel body odor.
How to eliminate body odor with lime itself is quite easy. To do so, we are only required to apply the following ways:
• First, squeeze two limes into the container;
• Mix the juice with whiting, then stir to form a cream;
• Apply the cream in the armpit area. Do it after bathing;
• After application, wait for an hour, then wipe your armpits with warm water;

6. Cloves
In addition to lime and betel leaves, we can also use cloves as an ingredient of odor. With antibakterialnya content, cloves are able to overcome the body odor arising from bacteria.
In addition, if applied, how to eliminate body odor with cloves is also able to minimize the inflammation that arises in the armpit area.

Well, for you who are curious in this way, here we describe the ways that should be applied:
• First, prepare some cloves that have been dried.
• Afterwards soak with warm water.
• Drink the soaking water as much as 3x a week.
• To get maximum results, you can also use the water immersion to include your armpits and your body regularly.

7. Replace Apparel Routinely
How to get rid of body odor quickly is to change clothes on a regular basis. Germs and bacteria that cause body odor generally grow and develop in clothing that is contaminated with sweat. Therefore, if you want to be free of body odor, change your clothes 2 times a day.
In the way of number 6 and above, this method is considered easier and effective so that suitable applied by all circles, including you.

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