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The eardrum is damaged

The eardrum is damaged

d Eardrum

The eardrum is ruptured, meaning that the tear in the eardrum becomes hollow. The tympanic membrane is the scientific name of the eardrum which is a thin tissue as a barrier between the middle ear and the outer ear canal. So further, a ruptured eardrum is called a "tympanic membrane perforation".

Ear infections are the main cause of the occurrence of eardrums ruptured, especially in children. If you have a middle ear infection (acute otitis media), fluid will accumulate behind the eardrum. The pressure caused by fluid accumulation can cause the tympanic membrane to tighten and eventually rupture.

Pressure changes
Other activities that cause changes in pressure in the ear can also cause perforated eardrums. This condition can be caused by: diving with scuba flying in a plane driving in the highlands.

Injury or Trauma
Injuries can also cause bursting of the tympanic membrane. Any type of trauma to the ear or head injury can cause fractions or rips. Even cleaning the ears with cotton buds cotton can potentially damage the eardrum if done with care. Acoustic trauma due to loud noise can also cause similar problems. However, this case does not happen often.

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