Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017


This game basically connects 2 tokens pokemon with maximal 3 lines within the specified time
Simple consists of several levels with some movement configuration of this pokemon token.
Actually I just started playing this game just in early 2013,
Even until I'm hooked ..
Do not know what to do .. onet in action
When it is empty mind, imagine onet ..
Even appearing in a dream ..

Really dangerous ....
And it turns out that this luminosity also infects my class
But one thing that motivates me to document this game in writing,
That I found a typical similarity between this game with the gambling of decision making in real life
So, if you can see it in the screencapt of the game above - not the pusheen - we can see the tokens of pokemon positioned in such a way,
 So to give the rope between 2 pokemon we must be jelly ..

At the beginning I played this game,
Obviously my cloak is not playing ...
Level 1 aja ga pass
Because I do not want to lose this game, I mati2an maine ampe accustomed to lose
But for a long time my eyes became more and more observant, and now I have passed thousands of times-proud.
Okay, so what's the same relationship of decision making in life?

So because the positions of the token overlap in such a way and the higher the level, the more complex the token movement then the selection of which token pair is selected will determine the efficiency of the game.

No perfect game is not it?
The combination of this token sequence can not be solved immediately without any alternative alias hand game path from the program ..
Each no longer has a path that can connect the remaining pokemon tokens, the rest of this token string will be rotated so that there is another path selected.
Well here I think is very similar to the miniature of life ..

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