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This is the difference between heart pounding in love and disease

This is the difference between heart pounding in love and disease.

 Meeting your boy/girl friend or someone you admire can trigger heart beat fast. But if your heart beats when he is not near you, then be aware of the condition of arrhythmia or heart rhythm disturbance.

According to Prof. Dr. Dr. Yoga Yuniadi, SpJP (K) from the heart and blood vessels of our hope, there is a difference between heart palpitations in love with heart palpitations, because of the arithm.

"If the heart is pounding because the arrhythmia is thrilling at times like a drum. At other times there is a pause or disappear for a while, irregularly, he says.

Pounding is not just about a rapid heartbeat, but also when the heartbeat is slow, irregular, feels stronger, there is a pause even when it feels chest pain.

While heart palpitations in love is usually not accompanied by pain in the chest and has a relatively regular rhythm. If you feel or have a sudden heartbeat with a long duration, you should immediately check yourself to the nearest doctor.

Hopefully this info useful....

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