Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

This is why there are people who eat a lot but not fat

This is why there are people who eat a lot but not fat.

    Have you ever memounyai friends who eat excessive but not fat?
Well surely you are confused why they can not be fat [when they have eaten very excessive and do not feel anxiety about their weight gain.

    But in reality they can indeed be categorized as lucky people. Karen need not be hard to think about to lose weight because of the food they eat.

This is why they are not fat :

1. Gynetic factors
    Every human body responds to activity and gender, they then have the same diet, but in fact have different weight. In addition, genetic factors seem to also affect.

    People who remain thin even eat excessively have a good ginetic heritage. These gynetic factors affect the body of a person in responding to foods that enter the body.

2. Metabolic factors
    The metabolic process of cepaat and calorie burning is also pounding on every human body. They do not gain weight because of the possibility that he was born with a metabolic system that cepaat and body burn calories well too.

    Indeed age, body shape, gender, and physical activity affect the metabolic system, but the most influencing genetic factors. The point is for you who feel fat do not forget to exercise huh ......

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