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Suitable for you who lazy to exercise This you can do at home

Let alone think about the time to exercise, time to take care of household or family just sometimes less. 

If this happens to you should be vigilant.

Although busy, keep body health should still be done. 
Remember, if the body is not fit, your other activities will be disturbed.

You can also use the goods at home as a substitute for gym equipment. 
Here are some simple exercises you can do at home.


    If your house has two floors, take advantage of existing stairs.
You can climb up and down the stairs by walking normally. One up and down stairs equals one set. Do it for 60 minutes with pauses every two sets.You can also try the up and down one stair move. One up and down motion equals 1 count. Do 10 counts with a little quick tempo like running. Do it with pause, for 30 minutes. Climbing down the stairs for 60 minutes can burn calories ± 200 calories.

Sit-Stand Movement

    This movement is very easy to do. You just set up a chair (can use a dining table chair), then sit without leaning. Make sure the position of the body upright with a straight gaze forward and abdominal position is pulled into.Perform a sitting motion for one second, then stand up and sit back. Continue for 15 seconds while breathing. After 15 seconds, pause for a moment, then repeat the same movement for 15 seconds again this time with a breath.
Perform alternately for 30 minutes. Doing this for 60 minutes can burn 150 calories.

Wall Sit

    Movement sit sit can train the lower muscles. How to do it pretty easy. 
Find an empty wall area. Stand up straight against the wall with the backs attached to the wall. 
Then, lower the body by bending the knee so that the body as in a sitting position in a chair.
Hold this position as hard as you feel pain in the thighs and calves. Perform with pause for 60 minutes.Performing this movement for 60 minutes can burn ± 250 calories.


    Skipping one very simple movement. You only need a skipping tool or a jump rope. 
To get a different atmosphere, you can do in the home yard area in the morning. Make a jump with your body and legs perpendicular. Do skipping for 60 minutes can burn ± 550 calories.

Push-ups and Sit ups

    Push-ups and sit-ups are the most frequent sport movements because they are relatively easy to do. This movement is useful to train the upper body and muscle strength of the body.
Perform push-ups and sit-ups routinely interspersed with cardio exercises such as running or cycling. Push-ups and sit-ups for 60 minutes can burn ± 260 calories.The house ideally has enough pages to do sports. In Depok, every housing is required to have a minimum land of 120 square meters so that there is enough open space for various activities.

Suitable for you who lazy to exercise This you can do at home

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