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When you are hungry these 10 foods do not you consume first yes

Your stomach hungry ???
When you are hungry these 10 foods do not you consume first yes

    If the stomach is hungry or the condition in your house or outside do not believe you must be looking for snacks to feed food to full stomach. However, the habit should be changed because it is not good with the condition of your body.

This food you should avoid when the stomach is empty because it is not good if the consumption is too much:

1. Food yeast
This food will irritate the stomach lining and can cause flatulence.

2. Sweet foods
Eating sweet foods on an empty stomach can lead to increased insulin levels, which as a sigifikat will increase the charge of the pancreas causing diabetes.

3. Yoghuart and other fermented milk

Consume yogurt in an empty stomach, then hydrochloric acid will form in the stomach and kill bacteria sam lactate.

4. Pear

The crude fiber in the pear hurt the fine mucous membrane from the cocsong's abdomen.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain tannic acid in high levels that can increase the acidity of the stomach causing ulcer.

6. Spicy food

Spicy foods can cause a spasm of irritation of the gastric mucosa and increase acid production in the abdomen.

7. Banana

If we consume bananas in an empty stomach condition, then the amount of magnesium in the blood will increase psat. This can harm our heart, usually people eat bananas when again diet.

So, for those of you who already know anything food you should not consume on an empty stomach, it's a dangerous list if you consume on an empty stomach.
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