Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017


Bubbu is a virtual pet that is a cute and fat cat that is full of expression. You must keep the Bubbu cat as your own friend. You can have fun with Bubbu all day. Bubbu needs attention and affection from you. Starting from feeding him, bathing him, putting on clothes, accompanying his sleep, curing when Bubbu is sick, inviting Bubbu to play, inviting Bubbu to visit his friends and others.
Bubbu should be treated as well as possible from morning until night, so Bubbu feel happy not sullen and bored, not hungry, not sleepy, not sick, and always clean.

Inside Bubbu house there are 4 room, which is Bubbu play room where there are television, radio, container of fish that likes to jump, and camera for Bubbu can selfie. This is where Bubbu can have fun while dancing.

The bed room where Bubbu is resting is a soft mattress that can make Bubbu not wake up, alarm to wake Bubbu, Bubbu book can read while sleeping, lights, picture and doll decoration, and wardrobe where Bubbu clothes are kept.
The kitchen where Bubbu ate has been available in the refrigerator, and Bubbu can cook what he wants.
Bubbu bathroom where clean and beautify themselves, there are several kinds of things needed Bubbu there when bathing.
In addition, there are hospitals and animal specialists who can treat Bubbu. Both Bubbu are experiencing toothache, fever, injuries to the tail or fractures.
After Bubbu finishes everything, Invite Bubbu to play in mini game so Bubbu feel more happy. The game there are several kinds. Surely you should be able to play it to earn more coins, it aims to buy the necessary equipment Bubbu like food, clothing and things. The game consists of Catcher, Cat Connect, Find the cat, 2048, Jump, Pop Ballons, Chese Builder, Fish Ninja, 1212, Jigsaw Puzzle, Cat sings, Slide puzzle. In addition to playing in mini games, you can also take Bubbu to other beautiful and fun places.

 You can dress Bubbu with what you want for Bubbu to look beautiful. In addition to Bubbu,you can also decorate the Bubbu house to look comfortable, neat, clean and beautiful.

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