Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017


Want to know how your photo instagram more interesting ???

Your Instagram image tutorial is more interesting....

First step
You choose a photo of your photo that the background of the sea, plants, landscapes, or buildings are white.
Color combination do not forget to see how the appropriate color blend between you and the object image.
Contrasting colors will look 'live'. Therefore, you are advised to pose in areas that have the opposite color of your outfit to look attractive.
And you you collect photographs of almost the same color.
For example the background of the sea,
Just like backgroun sky photos because there are elements of blue similarity.
One more example, if you photograph in the building is white just like you photo in the room that background white.
Then you edit in the application that is in your handpone.
Usually people often use Vco applications.
If you want to use feed box you can use in picsart application in collage section and choose according to your taste.

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