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How to Care Softlens

In the present day softlens become tran in society. Basically Softlens is only used as a tool to help one's eyesight but also acts as an accessory to enhance one's beauty and lifestyle.

Softlens are the best alternative choice to use. In addition to practical and comfortable, Softlens can also make the eyes look more beautiful, elegant and charming.

Softlens always come into contact with one of the five most sensitive senses in our body, the Eyes. For that, Softlens really need a good and proper care, so as not to be damaged quickly and remain comfortable to use in our eyes.

Washing / Sterilizing Hands First
Before touching and cleaning the Softlens, wash your hands with soap. So that dirt and germs do not stick in Softlens. Then dry your hands with a towel that is not fibrous.
Avoid moisture-containing soaps, as they are anti to contact lenses.

Pouring Solution Liquid

Place the Softlens in the palm of the hand.
Then pour the solution 2 or 3 drops on it.
Clean the lens one by one with the recommended solution solution.
Rub the Softlens
Rub the lens with your fingertips gently and carefully, do for about 10 s / d seconds, then rinse with solution solution and scrub back with fingertips as necessary.
Put the Softlens into place, then pour the solution liquid into it until it is completely submerged.

The minimum soaking time of Softlens is 4 hours, and maximum 24 hours.

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