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How to cope with hair loss

Here are some ways to deal with hair loss naturally that you can try. 1. Aloe vera - aloe vera Aloe vera or aloe vera, has been known since antiquity as a nutritious herb to treat the hair. Some experts argue, the complete vitamin and mineral content in this plant will stimulate the growth of new hair from the roots, repair damaged hair / tissue, and can blacken the hair naturally. How to cope with hair loss with aloe vera:Provide aloe vera as needed, looking fresh.Split it into two parts, then grab the gel in it.Apply aloe vera to the entire scalp after shampooing.Let stand for approximately 30 minutes, or until dry.Rinse with cold water until perfectly clean.Note: do at least 1x a day after bathing for maximum results. 2. Green tea and celery leaves Green tea contains high antioxidant compounds that can help smooth blood circulation in the head. While celery leaves, it has the content of vitamin A, vitamin B, and iron that is proven to strengthen the hair from the roots. In addition, with regular use of a mixture of green tea and celery leaves is also effective for blinding hair. How to cope with hair loss with celery leaves and green tea: Prepare towels that have been soaked in warm lemon water.Use a warm towel to cover the head for 10 minutes.After that, hair drops by using the steeping of celery leaves and green tea.Do not forget the gentle massages to absorb perfectly.After approximately half an hour, rinse with cold water. 3. Candlenut How to deal with hair loss naturally Leaves include one of the most widely used kitchen spices while cooking. Nearly 66% more pecan consists of oils that contain complete natural minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, and so on. This oil is often used by ancient people to accelerate the growth of beard and mustache. But besides that, you can use the candlenut oil to cope with hair loss naturally. How to cope with hair loss with pecan:There are two ways you can try. First by buying hazelnut oil at a nearby store then use it.The two make the hazelnut oil itself. The way enough sangrai pecan enough, then puree until the oil out.Drop the hazelnut oil evenly throughout the hair that has been clean.Let stand 1-2 hours until pervasive perfect, then rinse cold water. 4. Use essential oils There are now many outstanding essential oil products in the community. Well you can buy the essential oil to treat hair loss.Essential oils enriched with nutritional content such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and others that proved to strengthen the hair to the roots.

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