Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

How to cope with hp bloat

What causes Beterai HP Bloat?

There are several reasons why your Hp batteries bulging, including:

Use of Hp is beyond reasonable limits, suppose Hp is used to call all day non stop
Carging Hp process is too long, although the battery indicator is full
When carging does not off Hp first, more hp used while carging for example receiving incoming calls, sms, video calls, and so forth.

Simple tips that you can use to avoid hp bloated stones is to avoid the use of hp beyond the limit of the ability of hp, and make sure when doing Hp charge, your phone is in dead condition. Long duty to charge Hp should not more than 8-12 hours. Hopefully this article useful, and you can use as a guide to fix a bloated mobile phone batteries. Good luck!

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