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    Slime toys that are very popoler nowadays. Many children possess a variety of squishy and various forms.In many countries that sell squishy one of them indonesia.
    Slime is on sale mall, and the price is from lowest start until high price.

Without us having to buy. We can also make at home with ease.
How to make slime

The ingredients make slime
1. Powder / baby powder
2. Liquid glue
3. Baby oil
4. Liquid soap
5. Gom
6. Food coloring according to taste
7. Lotion

How to make slime
1. Enter the liquid glue 5 tablespoons
2. Enter the lotion with tablespoon
3. Then stir until evenly distributed
4. Put a little powder
5. Then stir back until evenly distributed
6. Put liquid soap half tablespoon
7. Then stir until blended
8. Enter the food coloring
9. Then stir until evenly distributed
10. Enter two drops
11. Then stir until he blends
12. Then mix baby oil
13. Then take the hand with hand and stirring with the hand.

• Do not touch the pockets or do not wear them on the cloth.
• Keep away from hair.
• Remove from children under 3 years of age.

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