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Overcoming yellow teeth

                                                           Overcoming yellow teeth

Causes of teeth
• Too much sweet drink
• Rarely brushing your teeth
• Energy drinks
• Age
• Tooth whitening drugs
• Taking certain medications How to whiten teeth

   Siwak can whiten teeth because siwak anti bacterial acids, such as astringents, abrasiv and detergents that serve to kill bacteria.
Siwak rods contain chemicals such as chloride, potassium, sodium, tannins, and minerals.
Contains enzymes useful to prevent plaque formation or tartar.
Anti decay agent (anti-decay substance) and anti-general system that acts like a lubricant that helps reduce bacteria.

Orange peel
    Pectin, orange peel contains pectin content ranging from 15% to 25% of dry weight, but the highest pectin content can be found in orange peel.
Minyal atsiri, orange peel contains essential oil or etheric oil, this essential oil is the biggest component of vegetable oil.

Lemon and salt
   Lemon fruit contains paktin, essential oil 70%, alpa terpinen, beta pinene, citral felendren, koumarins. Whereas in the salt contains, iodine, phospopr, cobalt, calcium, potassium, zinc, or zinc, sulfur and sulfur.

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